Custom Ceramics for Your Home

Handcrafted pottery mugs, Jenna Archer Ceramics, Calgary, Canada

I am always delighted when a customer connects with me with a custom ceramic order request. Typically, the customer has been searching for just the right mug, tray or bowl for their home, and it's a joy to be able to create that piece especially for them.

This past spring, I had the pleasure of working on a custom mug and bowl order for a lovely customer. She connected with me through Etsy and was searching for black and white mugs. I was grateful to obtain the commission and creative freedom to design eight mugs for her lovely home. I started with some simply sketches for decoration ideas - back speckles, black splashes, large black brush strokes, and black bubbles. I had lots of fun playing with these creative decoration techniques and some of the designs have now been integrated into my production line since I received so much positive feedback from the finished pieces.

After the customer received the mugs and shared how pleased she was, her favorite is the black dreams mug and uses it daily for morning tea, she asked me to make eight ramen style bowls. I’ve always found bowls a bit more challenging to make but I absolutely loved the challenge of throwing the bowls and decorating them. I still dream of the soups and noodles that can be enjoyed from these bowls.

When working on custom orders I typically follow the following process:


I first connect with customers to understand their vision for their custom ceramic tableware. I love creating a shared vision board that includes photos of colors, pattern, texture, and of their life and home to inspire the ceramics.


Once a vision is set for the ceramics, I sketch out some designs. I often create samples of the pieces before a full production proceeds.


Once design is set, I produce the pieces in my studio through handbuilding and wheel throwing techniques. All pieces are glazed with food safe glaze for a beautiful finish. The final touch is beautiful packaging and a handwritten note.

If you’re searching for custom ceramics, let’s connect. I would love to create a special ceramic piece for your home.

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