Handcrafted Classy Ceramic Pipes

Handcrafted ceramic pipes - one square pink, one hexagon blue, and one hexagon yellow. All displayed on a rolling tray with a book and magazine

I want women to have beautiful modern smokeware to empower them with their wellness journey and encourage connection with self and others. This spring, I launched handcrafted ceramic pipes, also known as one-hitters or chillums, in my shop, which blend art with function. The pipes promise to deliver good times.

These modern ceramic pipes are designed for the modern woman - making smoking at home or on-the-go a chic experience. I welcome you to place these pipes on your coffee table or mantel with pride since they add a little personal style to your smoking routine and good vibes to any room. The pipes slide easily into your purse or pocked and feel great in your hands and on your lips.

All pipes are handcrafted from porcelain and painted with food-safe glaze in vibrant colors. Often 22K gold luster is used for added decoration. The unique design delivers a smooth smoking experience. The pipes look good, feel good, and work great.

For those interested in trying a pipe for the first time here are a few simple steps to get you comfortable with how to use and care for your pipe:

  • Grind up your favorite flower

  • Pack flower into the bowl end of the pipe

  • Place mouth on mouth piece end of pipe

  • Light bowl (highly recommend using hemp wick)

  • Enjoy the smooth pull through the ceramic pipe

  • Clean pipe with a metal poker tool to remove residuals or place pipe in a ziplock bag with salt and water and give it a shake

Have you had a chance to shop the pipes? If not, check them out in my shop (small quantities available). My favorite pipe design is the gold leopard print - designed for the wild ones. Shop update in September will include more pipes.

As part of this product launch, I'm hosting a product giveaway through Instagram for a gold leopard print pipe. Don't miss out so make sure to check out my profile for more details.

Handcrafted gold leopard print ceramic pipes displayed in a zig-zag pattern and shown with a small black pouch

I would love to hear what pipe patterns you would like to see and what other modern handcrafted ceramic smokeware dreams you have. Send me a message or leave a comment - I would love to make your pipe dreams come true.

Love + Pipe Dreams